Sedona Technologies

Organize and Archive

Efficient and cost effective electronic file archiving.


Quickly Search Documents

Find documents with a few clicks of your mouse. No more trips to the filing cabinets. Optical Character Reference (OCR) allows for full text searching and keyword searching such as Ship To, Bill To or Method of Payment allows you to find your electronic documents with lightning speed.

Organize Your Files

By archiving your secure, centralized
documents you will create a structured
file environment that can be quickly
retrieved from any location.

Scan Documents

Scan your documents easily with the scanning module, a document imaging product that transforms the papers that your office handles daily and turns them into electronic documents accessible to your entire organization.

Integrated with EQUIP

This document management tool allows you to review ALL documents created from your EQUIP business system.

Simplify Check Signing

AP Check verifies your check run and then places the signature(s) on the check for you. Nor more signing or stamping every check which frees up your valuable time.

Reclaim Storage Space

With electronic document storage you no longer have to find a closet or build a shed to stash your boxes and boxes of paperwork.

Proactively Generate Statements

AR Report pulls together your customers’ statement with their associated invoices then allows you to print and send via USPS or email to your tech savvy customers to save paper and time. Statements are printed in full size (8.5 x 11) and the invoices can be printed with either 2 or 4 per page.

Reconcile Financials Efficiently

The Financed Invoice Report (FIN) pulls together your customers’ multi-use/JD Financial Account (Farm Plan) invoices then allows you to print and mail them to your customers. The first invoice is printed full size (8.5x11) and the remaining invoices are printed 4 per page. FIN Report provides an easy to read format that allow customers’ to reconcile their invoices with their JD Financial statements easily.

Keep Documents Safe
and Secure

With electronic storage and back-ups you will NEVER lose your documents again. You can also manage accessibility by locking down documents so only the appropriate individual(s) have access. Plus, you will no longer have to worry about fires, floods or tornados damaging your files!