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Efficient and cost effective electronic file archiving.


Sedona Technologies PerForma Roadmap

PerForma Enterprise Cloud
  • Application Enhancements
    • Ongoing Improvements
      • Performance improvement, enhancements, and bug fixes
    • Scan
      • Continued improvements to the scan engine and document processing performance
    • AR Report
      • Add visibility to emails sent to incorrect/invalid addresses
      • Continued improvements in report processing
    • Purchase to Pay
      • Performance improvement, enhancements, and bug fixes
  • Integration
    •™: Enhanced Statement Capabilities with Performa Enterprise® Cloud
    • Sales Workflow™: Long term storage of archived deals
    • P2P to EQUIP: Linking Accounts Payable Invoice Received to EQUIP created Purchase orders
  • Research Projects
    • Integration opportunities with 3rd Party Business Systems
PerForma Enterprise
  • Application Enhancements
    • Ongoing maintenance and bug fixes
Performa Standard
  • EQUIP Connector
    • Continue to support connector

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